2565 main [Relative Position]

Ciprian Ciuclea

The project 2565 main [Relative Position] is a collaboration between the visual artist Ciprian Ciuclea and the composer Cătălin Crețu, designed as a multimedial space where a large main video projection (3 channels), is combined with a fourth interactive dimension, where a video camera captures the public dynamic and changes the sound generated in real time.

The first section uses video images captured with an 8-inch Newtonian telescope, using Baader, Green 58 and Infra Red cut filters. The movement of the sun was recorded with a high resolution camera in real time and appears amplified by the Earth 's rotation.
The second section presents video images captured using a microscope.

/Section 1/
Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the Sun photosphere. These are areas of reduced surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux.

Sunspots expand and contract as they move across the surface of the Sun with sizes
ranging from 16 to 160,000 km in diameter and may travel at relative speeds.

Counting sunspots is a very difficult process. The number is relative and depends on the telescope size.

/Section 2/
Microscopic systems are determined by a complex set of variables. Generally
speaking, a large number of microstates are compatible with one macro state.


Initial decomposition: 25-65
25 = basic frequency
65 = the number of harmonic sounds used
[mixture of harmonic frequencies of 25 hertz fundamental sound]

Mathematical calculation algorithm:
Frequencies obtained from the decomposition of the originally number: 2, 5, 6, 25, 56, 65
By summation, we get (which exceeds 65 omit):
7               11            31                              (2+5, 5+6, 6+25)
                 18            42                              (7+11, 11+31)
                                60                              (18+42)
By subtraction, we get (omit the fundamental sound 1, he is the generator):
3               19            31            9                (5-2, 25-6, 56-25, 65-56)
16            12                             22              (19-3, 31-19, 31-9)
                 4                              10              (16-12, 22-12)
                 6                                                (10-4)


The project was presented on September 2016 at Forte Maghera, Venice (IT).