Remote Proximity

Ciprian Ciuclea (b. 1976 in Timisoara) is a visual artist based in Bucharest. He is interested in interdisciplinary projects that focus mainly on the conceptual features of reception. The themes he explores are closely related to the social aspects of communication, interpretation of messages, astrophysics and theoretical physics, contemplation and supervision, placed in relation to the scientific aspects of human existence.

He performed and exhibited worldwide including Saitama Modern Art Museum (JP), Engramme, Quebec (CAN), Platforma-National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (RO), Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu (RO), D. Manuel Palace, Evora (PT) or alternative spaces such as Hospital de Santiago, Cuenca (ES), Forte Marghera, Venice (IT).

He is president of Experimental Project Association for Contemporary Art and founding member of Romanian Society for Ophthalmogenetics - SROGEN. Between 2000-2017 he was the director of IEEB (International Experimental Engraving Biennial in Bucharest). He has a PhD in visual arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest with a theme on the optical interpretation of mediated reality through technology.

E-mail: ciprian@ciuclea.ro

solo shows (selection)
• (2023) Intervals of an infinite line, Aparte Gallery, Iasi, (RO)
• (2019) Fire Outbreak, part of the Cultural Program TM2021, Timisoara, (RO)
• (2019) Remote Proximity, W.A.S.P. Bucharest, (RO)
• (2019) Approximate Singularity, Borderline Art Space, Iasi (RO), curator: Catalin Gheorghe
• (2017) Comparative Structures: OCT (optical coherence tomography) / DS (deep sky) photography, First National Ophthalmogenetics Conference and Art Encounters Biennale, Timisoara (RO)
• (2016) 2565 main [Relative Position], Electro Camp 4, International Platform for New Sounds & Dance, Forte Marghera, Venice (IT)
• (2016) Signal. 8 minutes after, National University of Music Bucharest, (RO)
• (2015) Focus/Unfocus [Unused Reality], W.A.S.P. Bucharest, (RO)
• (2015) A Response to a Perfect Situation, Alert Studio, Bucharest, (RO), curator: Catalin Burcea
• (2014) Open Interval, Aiurart – Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest, (RO), curator: Adriana Oprea
• (2013) Erosion (after continental drift theory), Platforma MNAC, Bucharest, (RO), curator: Simona Dumitriu
• (2011) Apparent Silence, D. Manuel Palace, Evora, (PT)
• (2010) The consequences of the object’s interpretation process on an objective look, Recycle Nest Gallery, Bucharest, (RO), curator: Adriana Oprea
• (2009) Descriptio, Contemporary Art Gallery, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, (RO), curator: Liviana Dan
• (2009) I love Bach, Calina Contemporary Art Gallery, Timisoara, (RO), curator: Alexandra Titu
• (2008) Monolog-Dialog, Cuenca, (ES)
• (2006) Sediment of memory 2, ENGRAMME, Quebec City, (CAN)
• (2006) Sediment of memory 3, Saitama Modern Art Museum, (JP)

group shows (selection)
• (2021) Documenting a disaster, part of Earth Predictions. On ecological thinking and practice, Bucharest-Paris-London, curator: Mihai Zgondoiu
• (2021) Archeology of the invisible - echoes from the distant univers, produced for Fusion Air 2021 and presented at SAC Malmaison, Bucharest, (RO), curator: Olivia Nitis
• (2018) Retro Walk Decades to the Sun; realized together with the National Museum of Contemporary Art (as part of the Performing Arts Programme) and in partnership with the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, the Arad Museum Complex / kinema ikon (Arad Media Art Festival) and Teatrul Fix, Iasi.
• (2018) FILMWASP Studios, Bucharest, Iasi (RO), curator: Matei Bejenaru
• (2017) Counterbody, a performative installation made in collaboration with Simona Deaconescu (choreographer), Olivia Nițiș (curator), Cătălin Creţu (composer), presented at the National Dance Center, Bucharest, included in the European program Aerowaves Twenty18 artist. The project was also presented at the Brush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, at Perform (D) Ance / Days of Contemporary Dance, Brașov, Babel Festival, Târgoviște, Plartforma Festival, Klaipeda, Lithuania, etc.

international curatorial activity (selection)
• (2019) Comisar - Ulsan Print Triennale, (KOR)
• (2016) Touch - Multimedia Project, Innersound - International Festival of New Arts, Bucharest, (RO)
• (2016) Visualizing the Sound, WASP, Bucharest, (RO)
• (2015) Corporeality and limitation, WASP, Bucharest, (RO)
• (2014) X Platform – International New Media and Interactive Residency, Bucharest, (RO)
• (2010) Mexican Contemporary Experimental Print, Atelier 030202, Bucharest, (RO)

conferences & talks (selection)
• (2022) Topological Space. The constructed image of a remote territory, International Conference „NATURE – ARTS interconnections”, CICASP Research Center, West University of Timisoara (RO)
• (2019) Negociating the Reality. Faculty of Physics, University in Iasi (RO)
• (2018) Moving a Biennial. The Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice (PL)
• (2017) Comparative Structures. First National Ophthalmogenetics Conference, Timisoara (RO)
• (2016) New Media in Arts. The Institute for Management in Art, Bucharest (RO)
• (2015) CAA, New York, Are we there yet? Creative communities outside art centers, New York (USA)
• (2015) Art Management. West University, Timisoara (RO)
• (2014) Curatorial politics in Eastern European Contemporary Art, Bucharest, (RO)
• (2013) Platforma MNAC, Bucharest, Romania. (RO)
• (2008) INGRAFICA Conferences, Cuenca, (ES)

awards (selection)
• (2016) International C.A.R. Art Award, Essen, (DE)
• (2010) The Great Prize, 21 Maximo Ramos Award, Ferrol, (ES)
• (2009) Nominated for the Great Prometheus Prize, Anonimul Foundation, (RO)
• (2009) Special Award,”Manu Propria” International Drawing Biennial, Tallinn, (EST)
• (2008) The Prize of the Teoartis Foundation, Evora, (PT)