The project Descriptio is founded on the installation/object/video formula, a concept related to the descriptive side of the mechanisms based on production and understanding of an artistic object. Descriptio stands for a minute regard upon the consequences following placing of an object in the best created environment in order to highlight its less visible aspects. For Ciprian Ciuclea, modernity is more a condition than a style. It is a condition which democratizes the experience of art. Art returns critically towards the onlooker and becomes an instrument which negotiates and re-estimates the social, valuable, visual, musical environment. It is a condition which changes the relationship between the immediate sensorial perception and the cultural frame of the memory. For Ciprian Ciuclea, the cultural frame of the memory is still engraving, its lessons and rules included. Engraving communicates an effective, tangible way. Engraving shows an immersive experience between man and environment. Engraving is extended in the techniques of the avant-garde. Engraving offers social information and imposes aesthetically. Engraving is able to assure an elegant fusion between the working area and pure perception. Trained in the techniques of classic engraving, having a doubtless propensity for graphic experiments, Ciprian Ciuclea is familiar with all these extremes. He acquires this connection through a perception added to his phenomenological background. For Ciprian Ciuclea, the great potential phenomenology has, the idea that subjectivity is always susceptible to change, the poetic exploration of science and music mediate an informal relationship with the cognitive aspects of the visual and with image production. Ciprian Ciuclea’s installations are able to change the space surrounding us. With a potential which was updated and turned into reality, Ciprian Ciuclea renegotiates the subject and object, proximity and distance, the inside and the outside. The alternative is always poetical. The experience is deeply reflexive, almost romantic. The textures, the vocabulary, the sources of inspiration use the infinite illusion of the self. Ciprian Ciuclea’s installations are based on mechanisms which consider movement, projection, shadow, reflection, optical phenomena by using, however, elementary technical methods. He concentrates on light, on the mirror, on the sound. He is interested in aesthetics, in the utility of an eccentric geometry. Working with the idea of experiment the way the classic engravers do, Ciprian Ciuclea brings together nature, science and human perception. The concrete, yet dreamy way of positioning highlights the behaviour of the natural elements and of the scientific methods he uses. The type of emotion suggests the quality which makes people change their way of thinking. (Liviana Dan)

The project was presented on June-July 2009 at Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, Romania, curator Liviana Dan.