Fire Outbreak

Sound Installation


Destruction, with its partial and definitive variants, fascinated society and the individual to the same extent. Civilizations collided, transformed or collapsed, were obliterated by the sponges of history or natural cataclysms. Some were forgotten, others survived by legends. Destruction lies in the logic of the evolution of the Universe. Systems lose their logic and organization and degraded information becomes error. The increase of entropy is inevitable.

Recent events in the Amazonian Forest, Siberia, Angola or Congo give rise to obvious concerns. The problem of burning the flames of the "oxygen factory" becomes a global one. The events forced by human intervention on ecosystems are extremely serious and the distances of manifestation and propagation of the effects become uncontrollable. Certainly, immediate action is required.

The international community has solutions, but actions are sterile, inefficient and permanently delayed. The conviction is that this problem (like many others) melts with the passage of time and distance from the outbreak. We are waiting for the problem to solve by itself. We are constantly provoking but we are outside the regeneration equation. The surplus of dislocated energy is used for consumption.

Fire Outbreak is a sound installation with minimal intervention in space. The resources used are also minimal and the energy consumption is reduced. The audio file talks about the actuality of the degradation, the dynamics of the matter transformation and of the information units in the process of vulnerability, mixing synthesizer outputs with the voice of Olivia Nitis.

The exhibition was installed in the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of North Macedonia in Timisoara within the CONSULART 2019 European Echoes Project in partnership with the Timisoara Association 2021 - European Capital of Culture, part of the Cultural Program TM2021 from 2019.

listen here