A Response to a Perfect Situation



Entropy: A measure of the disorder or randomness in a system.

The perfect situation is the moment with the maximum level of order. This moment is unstable in time. We are living in imperfect situations that determine diversity.

Statement 1
The perfect situation can be described as an original homogenous and ordered position with low entropy in which the initial state is not necessarily an ideal one.
Statement 2
The unaltered state can be described within a stable system.
When an external force is missing (or is reduced) the system is self-conserving. Limited interaction can be seen as a hidden presence. Minimal information conserves the perfect situation and spreads within the interval (stable, unstable).

Possible situation 1:

- object placed in an open system (interacting with the environment), which can be defined as separate entity (self-sufficient).
- information contained by this object at a given moment can be recycled
- self-definition through a process resulting in the previously described object helps (re)order the information
- the process is irreversible and can only be described in a certain moment

The project was presented at ALERT Studio, Bucharest (06 - 18.10.2015).