SIGNAL. 8 minutes after.

Sound Installation


At the beginning of February 2016 I took a series of photos with an astronomic telescope thus observing the dynamics of sunspots. Knowing the approximate distance Sun-Earth (149.597.870 km) we may say that the 8 minutes light needs to travel to us create an illusion of the present.

Assuming that the observed point A (The Sun) is represented by loudspeaker 1 and the point of observation B (the position of the observatory at that time) by loudspeaker 2 we reach an interval or a moment of waiting that can be represented in space. Through a transformation of the visual signal I have obtained a sound sequence from point A. The period in which the signal reaches from point A to point B (approximately 8 minutes) produces a distortion or alteration given by the interaction with the space particles and terrestrial atmosphere. The distortion can be followed along the whole length of AB segment.

The initial information creates space and their interaction may have an esthetic dimension.

The project was presented on May 2016 at the National University of Music, Bucharest (RO).